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We love the blogs by students who share what works for them. We love the YouTube videos. But the fact is that while using sticky-notes or grid-paper instead of lined-paper is good to experiment with, it tends to miss the big, cognitive issues that are the focus of Study Swami. These issues have been studied using millions of dollars of research funding over the course of decades.

Stick figure of professional educator

Stick figure of professional educator

We don't care if you use a particular app or old-fashioned index cards or anything else you want. We care about what you do with your brain while you are using it.

Is Study Swami Based On Research?

You bet it is. See our reference page here.

Students Get Started Quickly.

We have a video to get the students acquainted with the software. After watching the video they take an inventory of study skills and attitudes to diagnose their particular issues. This inventory results in a short curriculum of study skills based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Our study skills are presented in short "explainer" videos and complemented by more thorough text.

The students use Study Swami like a todo list or planner- they enter their assignments and log their time spent. When they need help with a particular type of learning (grouped by course) they have references (again- explainer videos and text).

Students can perform an "Analysis" of their work in a particular class, and get back specific tips for that class. These tips are available to them when they work other assigments in that class.

Use our calendar

screenshot of

or simply use a To-Do list.

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                    To-Do list

Our Study Skills Pages Cover Things Like...

  • What you should do in class, including the the first few days of class (and when not to go to class).
  • The steps you should go through every day. You should make this a routine.
  • The difference between a quiz, a test and an exam and how you should handle each.
  • The different things you need to do to handle math and science (the Study Swami founder is a physicist).
  • How to write a story.
  • And a lot more...


We don't sell users' information. Period.

Access to the Study Swami members area is private, and we don't share content or personal information (see our service and privacy statement for the details).

Study Swami protects your privacy

Study Swami protects your privacy

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