Two students studying in library

Our Institutional Licensing means you can relax.

It also helps handle confidentiality requirements.

However you decide to use Study Swami, rest assured that you have the “seats.” Any student with an institutional address ([email protected]) will be able to sign up and use Study Swami. So you can be creative and adaptable in your programs and not have to worry about us. We encourage it.

Maybe part-way through the year you target a set of third-year students who are in danger of leaving. Your only issue should be reaching those students, not dealing with a bunch of red tape. And that's exactly what our license allows.

It doesn't even have to be used as part of a formal program. If you find a student who could benefit from Study Swami, you can put him or her on without hesitation. You don't even have to tell us.

In fact, the student doesn't even need your invitation. They are free to join on their own!