Student Reviewing

Help students find their starting points with the Study Swami Launch Process.

Extend your ability to provide your expertise while reducing your "busy work."

Here's how it works. On their own (with Study Swami), students

  • Register with their .edu domain email address.
  • Take a quick survey to find strengths and weakness of their attitudes and study process.
  • Work through modules chosen (automatically by Study Swami) as a result of their survey.

Possibly with your help, they

  • Create a weekly schedule.

For certain students, at colleges that have learning coaches or the equivalent, they

  • Optionally invite a coach to “follow” them.

As you integrate these students into your social and intellectual communities, let Study Swami help you train them to take a more organized and thorough approach to their studies. Study Swami handles the repetitive parts and frees you to focus on doing what only an expert can.