Student working at home with laptop, coffee, and handout

One year may not be enough.

Ongoing Study Swami lets you strike the right balance.

The fact that many students are still leaving when the course work gets harder (in their second and third years) is causing many institutions to try to figure out how to support them beyond their initial transition programs. Some institutions are implementing Second-Year and even Third-Year programs.

This is a tricky problem because any program that requires the students to "spend" credit hours meets considerable resistance.

The good news is, using Study Swami will allow you to support the students who need it seamlessly beyond the first year. They will automatically have continued access to Study Swami, and because Study Swami is to be used with their normal courses ongoing support takes no credit hours out of their curriculum. Thus you can do what you need to do with far fewer administrative headaches. And no extra charge.