Learning coach and student, smiling

Use the Interconnected Dashboard to follow selected students and keep them on track.

The heart of the dashboard is logging the students' time-on-task.

It's a simple idea, really. The students set a "time budget" for how many hours per week they need to spend on each class (they may need your help for this), then log their hours when they do work. The dashboard gives an overview of where they stand at any given time.

For the students who need extra attention, you can see their dashboard too, as well as history so that you can spot trends. Your dashboard shows at a glance all of the student dashboards with color codes to see who needs attention. Click on the appropriate student for more details.

This gives you time to focus your attention where it is most needed, and let Study Swami handle the routine work.

And the fact that all students have access to Study Swami means that when a student does need extra attention, such as in an academic recovery program, it can be done discreetly.